Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Stage of Library in Big Dollhouse

On the left, I am Kilzing the library. I forgot to Kilz the living room. I hope nothing falls of the wall in that room. The middle picture is the finished floor. (actually I have one more coat of clear varnish to put on the floor) I used clear varnish because if I used light oak it would yellow the painted part of the floor. The floor is going to yellow some anyway.
On the right is the anaglipta ceiling paper. The holes are where the hanging lights are going to be. I am going to paint the ceiling off white (more like very pale beige). Before I hang the ceiling paper I have to wire. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
I am really excited about the flowers I got from Ebay today. They are great. I can't wait till I start landscaping the out side-long way off.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Library Floor

The floor painting is finished. The photo is bad-there are little diamonds in all the corner. I will get a better picture later. Now all I have to do is put contact cement on the bottom of the floor and the top of the doll house floor and stickem together. Next I will put up the tape wiring, put on the ceiling paper, lastly my beautiful paper from Spain. I will have three book cases on each side of the room-I have figured out a design to put on them. The three book cases will be attach to each other and then attached to opposite sides of the front of the room's walls. At the very back of the library will be my Wooten desk and matching chair-THE FOCAL POINT of the room.
The picture to the right infuriates me. This is the living room floor with a BIG crack in it. It took two pieces of floor to cover the whole floor. I was very careful to make sure both pieces of the floor fit together. As life happens, it didn't happen. For some reason the floor was unlevel (earlier post). Me being the resourceful mini person I am, I just filled the crack with wood filler.
The crack is wide in the front and the back and meets in the middle. I am going to take a marker and darken the dried filler up and put the same stain/varnish on the crack. The back crack will fill with the varnish and will eventually be covered by a fireplace. I am crossing my fingers that when I put the stain/varnish on the crack, it won't be noticed. From my lips to God's ears.
Where is the sun???