Monday, June 30, 2014

Putting Flagstone on Addition Foundation

 First I painted the foundation gray, to look like grout.  I think I should have used a darker gray.  Too late now.

I cut the faux stone out of paper mache drink carriers.  I used a 1 inch foam brush.  I put 4 doubs of paint in a large plastic lid: white, raw sienna, burnt umber and the foundation gray.  I mixed up two colors at a time and painted the edge of the faux flagstone, then layed it on plastic and painted the top.  After the stones dry, I sprayed them three times with Patricia Nimocks matte acrylic spray.

Then take one stone at a time and glue it from one corner to the other.  If there is a large space showing, cut one of the stones to fit in the space.  Put paint on the cut edge.  Glue the stones down with Wellbond glue.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finishing the Addition

 I did not take pictures of every action.  I guess you will have to use your imagination.  Love blue tape-but in places it did not hold well.  Patch...patch....patch !!!!  On the dry fits to the dh, it fits perfectly.  Yea !!!

 Here I am putting on Kilz.  It is important to seal the raw wood.

It is fixed now.  Will show a picture later.

Sanding off all the furbies. 

Painting it blue.
Needs two coats-of course.  After the second coat dries, the addition will be attached to the dollhouse.

Thanks for looking,
Kate >^..^<

Monday, July 22, 2013

Starting on the Addition

I thought it would take a day to do this addition-NOT !!!!  There were some details left out of the instructions.  So, I was always fixing something.  This is the center board.

 This is the center board glued and squared and taped.

Next is everything glued and taped.

 Fitting the addition to the house-IT FITS !!!

Here I am cutting the doors out of the addition , so we can walk into the dollhouse.!!!!

Bye all,

Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 20, 2013

The First Floor Bump

This is the cove molding I am putting on the inside of the window openning.  The black window (right middle) does not fit all the way in the window-it is shy 1/8th of an inch (the depth of the outside sideing).

The white is the totally unfinished door and bumpout.  The blue is the bumpout with wallpaper covering the inside of the bottom two windows.

This is the outside of the bumpout with the windows in it.  I am glueing the molding to the inside. 

Thanks for looking,
Kate >^..^<

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God is in the Detail

This is the bumpout in the dh door (I will put a picture of the whole door next time).  I felt there were too many windows in the front bumpout, so I filled in the middle window.
To cover up the ruff window hole I put a thin piece of card board over it.  And on the top floor is the other cardboard piece. 
I am putting Kilz on the inside of the bumpout. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, I can wall paper and put the floor down....oh and the molding-details.  Then I get to make curtains -YEA !!!
 FINALLY-All the lights in the dining room are working.  Getting them all working was quite a chore.

These two pictures are of the door that goes on the right side of the dining room/living room.  The top picture is the dining room side. The bottom picture is the living room side of the door.  I had to fill in the routed out parts.  I am going to gold leaf the living room side of the door. 

I am also Kilzing the four windows so I can paint them.

The details are DRIVING ME CRAZY !!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Putting Brick on the Right Side of DH-The End

 Magic Brik is GREAT !!!  Here I am mixing it.  Consistancy is the key.  It needs to be a smige thinner than frosting.  Mix well.  I am (gasp) using one of my Martha Stewart storage containers to mix in-it was just the right size.
I used a small plastic putty knife.  It took a little trail and error to get the knack of putting the Brik mixture on the dollhouse.  Make sure you put LOTS of news paper around, cause little glopes go every where.
 This is pulling off the template.  I put the brick mixture on about 1/3 down the dh side, then pulled about three rows of templates off.  Looked great !!

TA DA ! I am finished.  I am going to let the side dry for about a day or so; and let the brik droplets completely dry before cleaning. up.  Then I am cleaning off the dh table, put the dh back in place, and get started again on the inside of the dh.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Putting Brick on the Right Side of DH

 I had the whole dollhouse table cleaned off and now it is all messey again.  This is the right side I am applying the Magic Brik too.  I am putting blue tape where I don't want the brick goop to go. The next picture is the Kilz going on, when dry, I put grey paint on. I chose grey to look like mortar between the brick.

After the grey is dried, I put blue tape where ever I don't want the brick goop to go.  Around the big hole is where the door goes in.
The brick template comes in a long roll and I cut stripes the length I need.  I pop the little brick in the mesh out with an Exacto knife.
 Here I am appying the next strip.  The bottom row overlaps the top row of the bottom strip.  It must be perfect so the "bricks" are straight.  The last picture is half of the side templated.  I have to patch the upper back edge today and Kilz/paint tomorrow.  Hopefully Sunday I will get the rest of the template on. 

I will have to " brick"  the whole  thing in 5 mins. and remove the template.  In order to prepare for this step, I am going over and over the task in my mind so I will be quick.
Thanks for stopping by,
Kate >^..^<