Sunday, May 24, 2009

Screaching Halt

Well, I haven't worked on the house in a while. I accidently got some beautiful wallpaper I am going to use in the dining room. Sandra Manring is making the centerpiece flower arrangement and is making two arrangements (irises) for another room I have (those arrangements will complete that room) .
I am having a base table made for the Big House-it should be here next week. Of course it is suppose to be raining next week-I want to paint the table base. I will be able to store alot of the boxes in the base table, thus cleaning up the living room some. I will send pictures next week. I am soooo excited about the base.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Idea

Well, no pictures yet, but I have a great idea. The "BIG" house is toooooo low to the floor, so I am going to get some 24" height kitchen cabinets to put the platform on. Not only will the house be at a better height, but I will have a place to put the dollhouse stuff that is all over the living room. We plan to go get them tomorrow-pictures at 11.