Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Putting Brick on the Right Side of DH-The End

 Magic Brik is GREAT !!!  Here I am mixing it.  Consistancy is the key.  It needs to be a smige thinner than frosting.  Mix well.  I am (gasp) using one of my Martha Stewart storage containers to mix in-it was just the right size.
I used a small plastic putty knife.  It took a little trail and error to get the knack of putting the Brik mixture on the dollhouse.  Make sure you put LOTS of news paper around, cause little glopes go every where.
 This is pulling off the template.  I put the brick mixture on about 1/3 down the dh side, then pulled about three rows of templates off.  Looked great !!

TA DA ! I am finished.  I am going to let the side dry for about a day or so; and let the brik droplets completely dry before cleaning. up.  Then I am cleaning off the dh table, put the dh back in place, and get started again on the inside of the dh.