Monday, June 30, 2014

Putting Flagstone on Addition Foundation

 First I painted the foundation gray, to look like grout.  I think I should have used a darker gray.  Too late now.

I cut the faux stone out of paper mache drink carriers.  I used a 1 inch foam brush.  I put 4 doubs of paint in a large plastic lid: white, raw sienna, burnt umber and the foundation gray.  I mixed up two colors at a time and painted the edge of the faux flagstone, then layed it on plastic and painted the top.  After the stones dry, I sprayed them three times with Patricia Nimocks matte acrylic spray.

Then take one stone at a time and glue it from one corner to the other.  If there is a large space showing, cut one of the stones to fit in the space.  Put paint on the cut edge.  Glue the stones down with Wellbond glue.