Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What happened at the SAM workshop

Well, I got to tell you all this was the best mini time I have had in a long time. I finally finished the 100 cats I was making to donate. The workshop was in Tomball-the drivers there are not very nice. We were making a half scale Christmas room. I was not fond of the fabric provided and found the greatest material today. The scale was a little big, so I shrunk it down and printed it on white material. I am going to spend all day working on it. If anyone is looking for a great hobby-dollhouse miniatures are it. There are several scales to choose from and there is no skill of any kind needed. I know in my last post I had a black box featured-well, it is on hold yet again. I have to make some faux bamboo quarter round-something else to do today. Well, I hope everyone has a great day.
Kate >^..^<

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost Finished

Well, I have almost finished my 100 mini cats to be given away at the SAM birthday party. I have 11 to finish. The ones I am giving are not finished, but look just like this. Next week I can get back to my other minis and my life size house. I am about to finish my "Black Box" that features a Bespaq oriental game set. The lighting is fantastic. I want to get started making minis to sell on my web site: Katescats.com. Hopefully I can add some photos to this site.

Happy mini-ing

Black Box:

Side wall is flat on table. Inside circle are two gow bulbs. I am putting a cut out ear ring over it and let the light shine throw the cut outs. There will be the same lite fixture on the other side wall.