Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside Roof Amost Finished

I almost finished papering the inside of the dollhouse roof.  I have one 4 in. wide strip to finish tomorrow.  Then I cut and glue back the openings for the dormers.  I can't believe things are moving along so quickly.
Here are todays photos.  I have so much problem with the Blogger's photo program-maybe it is me????



My hubby is taking most of the photos-he is doing a very good job!  The above pic is the inside of the roof.  There is only a strip at the top to finish.

Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dollhouse Roof Interior

There are a lot of pieces to the roof.  There is the main roof (which I did not work on tonight), 3 pieces to each dormer (and there are two dormers).  All the out side of the roof is shingled.  The inside I decided to wall paper with Itsy Bitsy wallpaper-plaster and lathe.  It is sooooo coooool.  But I have to stop and think before I cut the excess edges, if indeed they need to be cut.  The exposed edges on the under side that show are painted black, but one place the wallpaper needs to be pulled through the front opening and the shingles will cover the excess-I think that is the very front.  Well here are all the pictures.


Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 9, 2011

Priming the Dollhouse Front

There is not much to say about priming.  I also put clapboard on the front of the dormer-I had no idea the dormer was so BIG.  While I was priming the front, I also primes the next two rooms.  I still have to get the sponge brush and prime the corners.  I also had to sponge brush the clapboard on the dormers-the roller left too many bubble marks.
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I can not get these pictures to line up correctly.