Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finishing the Addition

 I did not take pictures of every action.  I guess you will have to use your imagination.  Love blue tape-but in places it did not hold well.  Patch...patch....patch !!!!  On the dry fits to the dh, it fits perfectly.  Yea !!!

 Here I am putting on Kilz.  It is important to seal the raw wood.

It is fixed now.  Will show a picture later.

Sanding off all the furbies. 

Painting it blue.
Needs two coats-of course.  After the second coat dries, the addition will be attached to the dollhouse.

Thanks for looking,
Kate >^..^<

Monday, July 22, 2013

Starting on the Addition

I thought it would take a day to do this addition-NOT !!!!  There were some details left out of the instructions.  So, I was always fixing something.  This is the center board.

 This is the center board glued and squared and taped.

Next is everything glued and taped.

 Fitting the addition to the house-IT FITS !!!

Here I am cutting the doors out of the addition , so we can walk into the dollhouse.!!!!

Bye all,

Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 20, 2013

The First Floor Bump

This is the cove molding I am putting on the inside of the window openning.  The black window (right middle) does not fit all the way in the window-it is shy 1/8th of an inch (the depth of the outside sideing).

The white is the totally unfinished door and bumpout.  The blue is the bumpout with wallpaper covering the inside of the bottom two windows.

This is the outside of the bumpout with the windows in it.  I am glueing the molding to the inside. 

Thanks for looking,
Kate >^..^<

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God is in the Detail

This is the bumpout in the dh door (I will put a picture of the whole door next time).  I felt there were too many windows in the front bumpout, so I filled in the middle window.
To cover up the ruff window hole I put a thin piece of card board over it.  And on the top floor is the other cardboard piece. 
I am putting Kilz on the inside of the bumpout. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, I can wall paper and put the floor down....oh and the molding-details.  Then I get to make curtains -YEA !!!
 FINALLY-All the lights in the dining room are working.  Getting them all working was quite a chore.

These two pictures are of the door that goes on the right side of the dining room/living room.  The top picture is the dining room side. The bottom picture is the living room side of the door.  I had to fill in the routed out parts.  I am going to gold leaf the living room side of the door. 

I am also Kilzing the four windows so I can paint them.

The details are DRIVING ME CRAZY !!!