Friday, November 4, 2011

Almost Finished Putting the Front Together

 This shows the wall paper at the two dormers pulled to the front to help it glue along the opening edges.

This shows the wallpaper flaps cut off.  Where the green tap is, is where the wallpaper came unstuck.  I glued it to the dormers with Grrrip-love it.

 The three pictures to left are pictures of the big walk-out dormer glued to the roof.  After it dried I was not sure it was going to stay--though it did not budge.  So I took 2" bias seam tape and glued it with wood glue (the thin Elmers wood glue) to the valleys of the dormer.  There are pictures of this............I really made a super dumb mistake-I used the really good wood glue (which I only have a little of and they are not making it any more) and glued the bottom of the dormer front (blue) to the base of the walk-out.  When I realized what I had done, I pryed the pieces apart and put release foil between the two piece.  Now I just sand the pieces every chance I get to smooth the edges. Egads!!

See the foil!!

 The next two pictures are the two dormers being glued with my favorite wood glue that is never-more.

This is the picture of the bias tape glued down.  The dormer is going NO WHERE NOW!!

 This is the right dormer-before bias tape.  And the picture below is of both dormers with bias tape and ready for the valley shingles.  The pencil lines are where the shingle tops are suppose to be glued.

To mark the valley shingles I put the shingle in the miter box diagonally and made a saw mark, then cut in the saw mark with an Exacto knife.  You know how many to cut because you put shingle lines in pencil and can count the spaces.

Here the valley shingles are in place and match up with the shingle lines.  I have a few rows of shingles on between the two dormers and it looks pretty good-forgot to take a picture.  I don't think I will get the roof finished by Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put the Thanksgiving dinner out I had made by Mo Tipton by Thanksgiving---now I guess it will be Christmas.  I won't post again till Chateau Chanticleer is back on it's stand.
Happy Holidays to Everyone,
Kate >^..^<

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Front is All Together---Yea!!!

This is the finishing of the bay.  I put the base or floor on the  bottom of the bay and mark where the exposed area is so I will know where to put the black paint.
I also marked the top or the ceiling of the bay.
This is the top and bottom on the bay-not painted or glued yet.
The base came in three pieces and this is them being glued together and clamped.

I only primed the areas that were not being glued.
Painting black only where I primed.  I buy the best paint on the market and it still take eternity to dry.
 This is the bay and it's top and bottom all glued in place-HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!

This is the roof screwed in place.  My hubby put a dab of glue on the screw before he screwed it in.  The white triangles are the back of the brick/plaster wallpaper I got from itsy bitsy-they have COOL wallpaper.  I am going to bring the dollhouse (after the glue drys two days) into my library to trim up the wallpaper and put on the shingles.  I am hoping my daughter, Michelle, can come over after the shingles are on and help hook up the transformers (2).  Then the house goes in place permanently and the rooms get their lights and furniture.  Yea-can't wait!
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Kate >^..^<

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Doors Are On

RGT gave excellent instruction on how to  attach the two front doors to the hinges.  I have discovered that to build a no tab dh kit, you reall need some experience in construction.  First you put wide tape under the hinge.
More, under the hinge.

This is the completed "tape-under-the-hinge" step.  Then I put the two doors on top of the dh and reached my hand inside to push the tape, with the hinge sanwiched between the tape and the door, on to the door on each side.  Then we drilled holes and screwed in the screws.  Thank goodness we only put on screw on the top left and two screws on the bottom left, cause the fronts parted at the bottom.


I marked the drill bid with the depth of the front door.

                  This shows the 1/8" separation at the bottom of the left front door.  Hubby took the bottom two left screws out, put a piece of wood glued toothpick in the screw holes, waited 30 mins for the glue to set up -then redrilled and rescrewed the screw.  Then, the top was too tight-I have figured how to fix that. 

Ta Da-the front is on.  It only took three of us.  Now we have to put the roof on and the dormers and the shingles.  Hubby and I are going to bring the dh into the library  to work on the dormers and the shingles.  There is no other empty spaces in our house. Oh, I forgot the bay that covers the big hole in the left front door-that project is next-sorry for the memory lapse-then it is off to the library.  I can not wait to start putting the furniture in the dh and getting my family room clean.
Thanks for reading my blog.  Kate

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last-Working on the Bay

The color is lighter in person.  The trim is wonderful.
Tomorrow or Friday I will touch up the bay and then Saturday glue it to the front.  Thursday and Friday hubby and I are putting on the front doors and roof.  I have to add doomers-not sure when.  And I have to put on the roof shingles.  Daughter, Michelle is coming to help Saturday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working on the Bay

There is a better picture of the bay further down.  The bay originally had windows in the middle-TOO MANY WINDOWS.  So I asked RGT to send me the cut outs and I glued them back in.  I am glueing clapboard on the bay.  WORD OF ADVICE:  glue the clapboard over part of the window and saw the window space out (((((((((GENTLY))))))))))).  I am always learning.  I use Loctite wood glue.  Great stuff.
These are the pieces of molding I used to cover over the space where the clapboard meets.  It is hard to tell, but I used two chair rails and a quarter round on top.  Looks great.  OH LOOK, THERE IS THE GLUE.  I glued the chair rails first and taped, when dry then lifted the tape and glued the quarter round, then retaped.

This shows the other joint covered in tape while the glue drys.  It is hard to see the molding.  If you look bottom left it shows up pretty good.

Itsy Bitsy Mini has moved to:
6024 Tarry Town Rd
Salisbury, MD 21801
Phone:347 524 9569
Fax: 775 206 0604

They will take orders till July 26th.  After that they will reopen Sept. 1.  LOVE THE WALLPAPER!!

Have a great weekend,
Kate >^..^<

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside Roof Amost Finished

I almost finished papering the inside of the dollhouse roof.  I have one 4 in. wide strip to finish tomorrow.  Then I cut and glue back the openings for the dormers.  I can't believe things are moving along so quickly.
Here are todays photos.  I have so much problem with the Blogger's photo program-maybe it is me????



My hubby is taking most of the photos-he is doing a very good job!  The above pic is the inside of the roof.  There is only a strip at the top to finish.

Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dollhouse Roof Interior

There are a lot of pieces to the roof.  There is the main roof (which I did not work on tonight), 3 pieces to each dormer (and there are two dormers).  All the out side of the roof is shingled.  The inside I decided to wall paper with Itsy Bitsy wallpaper-plaster and lathe.  It is sooooo coooool.  But I have to stop and think before I cut the excess edges, if indeed they need to be cut.  The exposed edges on the under side that show are painted black, but one place the wallpaper needs to be pulled through the front opening and the shingles will cover the excess-I think that is the very front.  Well here are all the pictures.


Kate >^..^<

Monday, May 9, 2011

Priming the Dollhouse Front

There is not much to say about priming.  I also put clapboard on the front of the dormer-I had no idea the dormer was so BIG.  While I was priming the front, I also primes the next two rooms.  I still have to get the sponge brush and prime the corners.  I also had to sponge brush the clapboard on the dormers-the roller left too many bubble marks.
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I can not get these pictures to line up correctly.