Monday, February 28, 2011

Attic Stair Openning

I decided to put an opening for a stair from the third floor to the attic.  To make sure the stair opening was exactly over the floor opening below, I made a template of the third floor (the wall is not up on the third floor) and transposed it to the attic floor.  I will attempt to put up the third floor wall by the stairs tomorrow and I will know if this is all correct.  RGT were great about sending me another stair and railing-it did not cost too much.  I am waiting for a roof piece from RGT in VT. to get the front finished-then I can put the house in a permanent place, hook up the transformers, install lights and molding-----then, ta da, put in the furniture.

To cut the hole I used this tool from Harbor Freight.  It is a oscillating thing that has 5 blades-it was about $30.  The noise was terrible-I had to get ear plugs.  I have seen this tool other places for $100+++.  It is good for dollhouse use.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Junk, Junk and More Junk

 These are photos of the dollhouse Chateau Chanticlier construction area.  The top photo is a photo of the stuff  on the side front, the middle photo is the front view of all the stuff and the bottom photo is the dollhouse itself.  All this STUFF goes into the doll house-hard to believe.  Hopefully after about two weeks, I will begin furnishing, decorating and putting up the lighting and all the STUFF will be GONE.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking Forever

 The bedroom wallpaper is finally finished.  Now I have to put the reed ceiling up next.  I am a little tired of all the details-but this to shall pass........................................The center stair hall ceiling needs to be reglued.  I finally got glue to do the job, so that is next.

This is the baby room.  The templates are in place, so I can put up the wallpaper.  I have hit a snaffoo for the light fixtures.  I love the chandelier, but the wall sconces suck.  Gloria Lund did the chandelier and I am trying to talk her into doing sconces. I have to stop and think-my head hurts.  The wall to the left popped a little loose and I have got to reglue it---It NEVER ENDS.  This is the room with the great carpet I previously posted about.
Take care, Kate