Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bedroom Wallpaper/Electrical and Babyroom rug

 I am back working on Chateau Canticlear.  The three photos to the left are of the Oriental Bedroom.  The tape wiring shows how I soldered wiring onto it.  I am putting the wiring through the wallpaper, then through the fireplace-just in case, in the future I might want to put "fire" in the fire place.  Soldering is fun.  I think I have four different irons.

This photo showes where I put the soldered tape. (in the middle of the picture)  Where the tape meets the  tape I put tiny nails in matching colors.  I made a mistake and put one hole too close to the other colored tape wire.  I pulled the tape wire up and I took Scotch tape (the best) and put a little piece over that misplaced hole.  Then I repunched the misplaced hole.  The scotch tape did not cover the correct placed holes in the other colored tape so I only had to punch one hole.

TA DA!!!  The wall paper is on the back wall-FINALLY.  I don't think you can see it, but the wire is coming out of the lower center of the wall paper.  I will spray the other two sides of wallpaper with matte spray tomorrow and put them up Monday.  If I do say so myself, the paper really turned out great.

Baby Room Rug

I am usually disappointed in the rugs I get off line.  But, this one blew my socks off.  It matches the furniture perfectly (the detail on the furniture is faded in this photo) and is perfect with the wall paper.  I will get started on this room next.