Saturday, October 18, 2008

From the Ashes Rises the Phoenix

Doll house stairs

I had sad news this week-I was turned down for the IGMA mini college scholarship. I was surprised at how disappointed I was. But....I arose out of the ashes and am starting anew to apply for next years scholarship. I am making and designing a 1/2 scale oriental room-ideas taken from three books on oriental rooms in Japanese. I am also going to make Hagrads house in 1/2 scale too. I am going to design some dishes and make some cool mini pieces. I plan to have 10 new photos to submit that should knock the judges socks off.

I am pouring porcelain again. The mini club I belong to is going to do a SW Room for the SAM birthday party next year. I have a mold that has 8 SW pots in it. I am going to reduce them to 1/12th scale and give them away as bag favors (I have to pour 100 pots). The next pour of these pots I am going to put a SW designs on them. I also found a mold of Santa mugs, pitcher and tray. I am going to reduce that to 1/2 scale and hopefully give them to my friends in my mini club for Christmas.

In my last post, I mentioned starting on my dollhouse stairs. Oh, my, gosh-what a job. The stairs are in solid MDF and it took 5 coats of varnish stain and 5 coats of white paint. I am still working on them. It will take weeks.

It is strange-I was so tired and slept so much, then I got that reject from IGMA and I just came to life. I don't understand myself. I am walking on the treadmill everyday-yea!!!! I ate too much last week and gained 3 lbs. GOT to get that off 'cause I go to the doctor in 2 weeks.
I have watched "The Devil Wears Prada" 10 times and have become obsessed with fashion. So I have bought some new clothes. I even bought some 3 in heel ancle boots. I never go anywhere to were my new stuff-guess that will have to change.
Well, don't forget to vote.
Kate >^..^<

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