Saturday, November 8, 2008

Molding Porcelain

Well, I am so excited. I have been making molds. I just made two of the same molds for a tea set. This weekend I am going to make another tea set mold for a tiny tiny set. Today I poured porcelain tiles-when they are dry I am going to glaze them-which will eliminate one step and I can get them finished faster.

As for the BIG house-I laid out the placement of the downstairs wall. I am going to paint an oriental scene on faux yellow-gold silk and put it on all the walls in the downstairs living room. I am going to put a gathered faux yellow-gold silk ceiling. I am going to buy a cheap ceiling light and glue long clear crystals on it to put in the middle of the ceiling material. I don't want a light fixture that hangs down and blocks the view of the room. The next thing to do is stain the floor and install it in the living room. I need to put the two hinged fronts and the hinged roof on. That will take alot of time and my next three weeks are booked-boo hoo. So I guess I will just be painting the fabric walls.

It is so hard for me to go to sleep at night because I am thinking of everything-and now I am following throught and doing those things. I feel really great about myself.

We bought two 3' x 5' windows to put in the front of our house-that is what one week is devoted too. It will take one week to put one window in because we are taking out a door. Maybe God will shine on us and we will be able to get both windows done. Let me tell you-those windows are heavy. I will have some muscles when this is over.

Well, it is off to bed. I will let everyone know when I post my new porcelain stuff to my web site ( and to Ebay.


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