Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, I am a happy camper. I am at a point where everything is coming together. I am trying to get my CEU's for my SW licence-I went to this site and the first on line class was a breeze and I passed. So, I will continue on the rest of this week and try to accumulate 30 hours to make my license active.

I have been working daily on the "BIG" house. I hit a bump in the road when I made two windows into one door. I am waiting for all the wood putty and glue to dry. Today, I will spackle the area to make it smooth. I have to carefully drill a hole to put a coach light up. Then, I will start again putting it together. We have to go to Lowe's and get a bigger board for the house to sit on-since I added the two story addition and the conservatory. I can't wait to start on the conservatory-I am going to fill it with flowers. I am going to have flowers all through the house. In real life I can't be around real flowers, but I can in the miniature world.

My birthday was last week and yesterday was Mother's Day. My sweet, sweet daughter brought me a basket of goodies (a big bar of chocolate topped the list). It had the coolest humming bird feeder. I was so motivated I made nector. We will put it out tomorrow. Those humming birds are demanding little fellows-you have to keep the feeders full or they will attack you.

Well I hope everyone has a blessed day.
Kate >^..^<

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And So The Mini House Begins!!!!!

Well, I had a wonderful Saturday at the Dallas Mini Show.
Today I cut doors in the left wall of my Big house. So now I am going to start building the house. I am so excited. I have so much stuff to put in the house, I am overwhelmed. You are suppose to paint the outside first-I am going to do it last. The electrical is going to need some heavy thinking. My brain is swirling with all the things that need to be done. I think there is going to be alot of stop and start. The inside stair halls need to be done before being put together-I don't have half the stuff for that. I need flooring, got step rug runners, lights, etc. This is why I am getting started on the house. If I wait any longer my brain will short circut. I will post pictures as I go.
Kate >^..^<