Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spagetti Wiring

After laying awake many nights planning the electrical-I screwed up. There is suppose to be a plug right where the first turn up on the right is. So I will have to put the plug to the right, near the corner, as there is going to be a floor lamp there-which I finally found. The plug outlet has two receptors so I could plug two things in it. I can not stand to make a mistake on my miniature stuff-this will haunt me forever. Tomorrow I am sauteing a wire out over the right door for the conservatory and a wire where the hinge is-I will put a plug in on both ends of the wires so they can plug into outlets-then I can put carriage lights at the front door. I hope to finish the wiring tomorrow, check the electricity flow, lay the floor, paint the last four murals. I am putting in a ceiling fixture and painting cranes flying around it-about 4 cranes. Think I can do all that tomorrow. LOL.


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