Sunday, December 6, 2009

On To The Library

The pictures above are the beginning of the library in the Big House. The door is on the back left side, and there will be three book cases on each side at the front. In the very back I am going to put my Wooten desk and chair. I am going to oper the desk and put all sorts of papers in it.
There is a brown detail on the desk, I decide to put spairingly on the floor. I put blue tape to make the lines in a square. First,I put satin varnish stain where the brown line was going to be so the line edges would be sealed under the tape. After it dried, I put down the brown paint. When that was almost dry I pulled off the tapped. It was PERFECT!!! Boy was I happy. Tomorrow I am going to put the detail on the brown line. I am going to put the floor down as soon as I get some contact cement. Then I will paint pine varnish stain over the floor.

I had to put the livingroom floor down in two pieces. The little gold spot on the right side of the left floor is an electric floor plug for a lamp. I put down the second piece of floor to the right and it was lower than the left floor. So the little pieces of Cherrio's box are being used as shims. I ran out of contact cement and could not put the floor down.

I plan to keep working on the house-no interuptions.
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