Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making Plans

Sorry, no pics today, just ideas.  I have been sick for two weeks and have done NOTHING.  I am very aggravated about that.  But, while sitting on the couch last night, suffering, I had a whopper of an idea.   I was watching Sarah's House and saw a living room she did-the light bulb came on.  I am going to move every thing around in the family room, esp. Chateau Chanticleer.  I have an odd shaped family room, and after everything is moved around, my new mini house (which is still in the box) and the adobe will all have a place to live.  And there will be more seating for real people.  It is probably going to take 4 to 6 months to do-I will send pictures when it is done.
Another road block is I am waiting for sconces and lights to arrive.  I could be sick as a dog, and still work on the Chateau if I had all the parts. 
Going to the Dallas Mini Show this weekend-if you see me, stop and say HI!


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