Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bedroom Fireplace-Part 4

The oval on the left is what I am going to put on the board on top of the fireplace.  I had to cut down the original oval on the right to fit the space.  I used the saw on the right to make cuts so I can break the pieces apart. 
The oval on the left is attached to scotch tape so I don't lose any of the parts.  I plan to glue the parts together and fill in the void spots with caulk.
The two little wallshelves on the far left will be put in the top and bottom area of the oval.  I have mud men to put on them.  The shelves are too tall for the space, so I am cutting off the bottom of the shelf.  It is REALLY hard.  If I use a bigger saw the resin will pop appart in the wrong place. 
Next process is paint the resin and gule to fireplace backing.  Then I will put up the electric tape, wallpaper and lastly the backing and fireplace.  It seems it never ends.


Rosamargarita said...

Un trabajo arduo Kate, pero vale el esfuezo.

Vilia Miniature said...

Il risultato è ottimo

Kates Cats said...

Muchas Gracias

Betty said...

Kate you really have a great pair of hands to do this work, I can't wait to see it all put together. You make me feel like trying to something like this, maybe on the next house I do. I finally finished the one I've been working on, just have to get all the accessories in place and landscape it, one more week to go. Betty