Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside Roof Amost Finished

I almost finished papering the inside of the dollhouse roof.  I have one 4 in. wide strip to finish tomorrow.  Then I cut and glue back the openings for the dormers.  I can't believe things are moving along so quickly.
Here are todays photos.  I have so much problem with the Blogger's photo program-maybe it is me????



My hubby is taking most of the photos-he is doing a very good job!  The above pic is the inside of the roof.  There is only a strip at the top to finish.

Kate >^..^<


MinisOnTheEdge said...

Looking Good Kate!! Once the roof is on, the rest of the house build will fly by :0)

betdesign said...

Kate, when ever I get a new letter from you, it gets me going on my dollhouse. I have learned so much from you and love the way you show all the pictures of what your doing. I was laid up for quite a while, and couldn't work on my house, it killed me just looking at it, but I got so many new ideas, that I am now redoing most of the interior, new window treatments in 3 rooms, different layouts of the rooms, etc, work is slow, but I'm really happy with it. Keep the post coming, I love them. Betty

Kates Cats said...

Thanks "MinisOnTheEdge"-from your keyboard to God's ear about the flying thing.
And Betty, it makes me feel so good I inspire you. I had a melt down Fri or Sat over the house. I am now in one piece again. Everyone has their dollhouse moments. Always look UP! I will hopefully be posting Saturday.
Kate >^..^<

Sandra from Sydney said...

Kate I've just found your blog and am fascinated - I had to go right back to the beginning and look right through. And I enjoyed every bit of it. Your house is looking lovely you are doing such a great job of it. I am very frustrated that I can't get on with my Cadogan Gardens kit which needs re-doing, so will enjoy your progress even more. Mini hugs Sandra, gsoflot

Kates Cats said...

Thanks Sandra from Sidney. I think it is all about sharing ideas. I am flattered that you went back to the begining-that was a L...O...N...G time ago. Good luck on your make-over.
Kate >^..^<

Kates Cats said...


Eugene said...

So your husband is your official business photographer, huh? Is he a pro? It looks like it, hehe. Did you blog about the finished product? Can you share me the link please? Thank you!

Eugene Head