Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Doors Are On

RGT gave excellent instruction on how to  attach the two front doors to the hinges.  I have discovered that to build a no tab dh kit, you reall need some experience in construction.  First you put wide tape under the hinge.
More, under the hinge.

This is the completed "tape-under-the-hinge" step.  Then I put the two doors on top of the dh and reached my hand inside to push the tape, with the hinge sanwiched between the tape and the door, on to the door on each side.  Then we drilled holes and screwed in the screws.  Thank goodness we only put on screw on the top left and two screws on the bottom left, cause the fronts parted at the bottom.


I marked the drill bid with the depth of the front door.

                  This shows the 1/8" separation at the bottom of the left front door.  Hubby took the bottom two left screws out, put a piece of wood glued toothpick in the screw holes, waited 30 mins for the glue to set up -then redrilled and rescrewed the screw.  Then, the top was too tight-I have figured how to fix that. 

Ta Da-the front is on.  It only took three of us.  Now we have to put the roof on and the dormers and the shingles.  Hubby and I are going to bring the dh into the library  to work on the dormers and the shingles.  There is no other empty spaces in our house. Oh, I forgot the bay that covers the big hole in the left front door-that project is next-sorry for the memory lapse-then it is off to the library.  I can not wait to start putting the furniture in the dh and getting my family room clean.
Thanks for reading my blog.  Kate


Kendra said...

Thanks, Kate! I hadn't thought of how to put doors on since my dollhouse has no doors! Keep up the good work and know it will soon be finished!

John said...

Kate, I love front-opening houses! Of course my own Merriman Park is front-opening! I just used regular hinges on mine and they seem to work fine. Cheers!


miniaturista said...

La construcción es laboriosa pero merece la pena.
Un abrazo

Kates Cats said...

It realy excites me that such fine miniaturist read my blog. Gracias Maite. Getting this far in building this HOUSE is a real job.
Again, thanks,