Friday, November 4, 2011

Almost Finished Putting the Front Together

 This shows the wall paper at the two dormers pulled to the front to help it glue along the opening edges.

This shows the wallpaper flaps cut off.  Where the green tap is, is where the wallpaper came unstuck.  I glued it to the dormers with Grrrip-love it.

 The three pictures to left are pictures of the big walk-out dormer glued to the roof.  After it dried I was not sure it was going to stay--though it did not budge.  So I took 2" bias seam tape and glued it with wood glue (the thin Elmers wood glue) to the valleys of the dormer.  There are pictures of this............I really made a super dumb mistake-I used the really good wood glue (which I only have a little of and they are not making it any more) and glued the bottom of the dormer front (blue) to the base of the walk-out.  When I realized what I had done, I pryed the pieces apart and put release foil between the two piece.  Now I just sand the pieces every chance I get to smooth the edges. Egads!!

See the foil!!

 The next two pictures are the two dormers being glued with my favorite wood glue that is never-more.

This is the picture of the bias tape glued down.  The dormer is going NO WHERE NOW!!

 This is the right dormer-before bias tape.  And the picture below is of both dormers with bias tape and ready for the valley shingles.  The pencil lines are where the shingle tops are suppose to be glued.

To mark the valley shingles I put the shingle in the miter box diagonally and made a saw mark, then cut in the saw mark with an Exacto knife.  You know how many to cut because you put shingle lines in pencil and can count the spaces.

Here the valley shingles are in place and match up with the shingle lines.  I have a few rows of shingles on between the two dormers and it looks pretty good-forgot to take a picture.  I don't think I will get the roof finished by Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put the Thanksgiving dinner out I had made by Mo Tipton by Thanksgiving---now I guess it will be Christmas.  I won't post again till Chateau Chanticleer is back on it's stand.
Happy Holidays to Everyone,
Kate >^..^<


Anonymous said...

You have waaaay more patience than me!


Cheryl said...

Way to go Kate.

Kates Cats said...

Thanks Cheryl. And Nancy, it is an act of love.

Mo said...

It is so much fun watching this come together--thanks for sharing pictures!! Can't wait to see the next steps...

Sandra from Sydney said...

Love the way you do things so thoroughly Kate - a person after my own heart! It is looking wonderful, and you will be glad that you have taken the time to put in the extra effort because you know now that things are secure and stable. I am really looking forward to seeing your next post.
Sandie (Snippets from my StudioO