Friday, August 3, 2012

Putting Brick on the Right Side of DH

 I had the whole dollhouse table cleaned off and now it is all messey again.  This is the right side I am applying the Magic Brik too.  I am putting blue tape where I don't want the brick goop to go. The next picture is the Kilz going on, when dry, I put grey paint on. I chose grey to look like mortar between the brick.

After the grey is dried, I put blue tape where ever I don't want the brick goop to go.  Around the big hole is where the door goes in.
The brick template comes in a long roll and I cut stripes the length I need.  I pop the little brick in the mesh out with an Exacto knife.
 Here I am appying the next strip.  The bottom row overlaps the top row of the bottom strip.  It must be perfect so the "bricks" are straight.  The last picture is half of the side templated.  I have to patch the upper back edge today and Kilz/paint tomorrow.  Hopefully Sunday I will get the rest of the template on. 

I will have to " brick"  the whole  thing in 5 mins. and remove the template.  In order to prepare for this step, I am going over and over the task in my mind so I will be quick.
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Kate >^..^<

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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

How exciting Kate! I have always wanted to try this method of applying brick. Please post the results and good luck with 5 minutes LOL.