Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God is in the Detail

This is the bumpout in the dh door (I will put a picture of the whole door next time).  I felt there were too many windows in the front bumpout, so I filled in the middle window.
To cover up the ruff window hole I put a thin piece of card board over it.  And on the top floor is the other cardboard piece. 
I am putting Kilz on the inside of the bumpout. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, I can wall paper and put the floor down....oh and the molding-details.  Then I get to make curtains -YEA !!!
 FINALLY-All the lights in the dining room are working.  Getting them all working was quite a chore.

These two pictures are of the door that goes on the right side of the dining room/living room.  The top picture is the dining room side. The bottom picture is the living room side of the door.  I had to fill in the routed out parts.  I am going to gold leaf the living room side of the door. 

I am also Kilzing the four windows so I can paint them.

The details are DRIVING ME CRAZY !!!


Steinworks said...

well you know that they say..the devil is in the details :)


Sandra said...

The details are time consuming but they are what add that something special to a project. This is looking really good. Sandie (