Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Big House hits a wall-miniature house

Well, I have been puttering right along putting together my Big house. I had to stop because I ordered the wrong doors. I also decided to add the Houseworks conservatory-which requires that I switch walls in the conservatory so the doors face to the front-another stop. There is a 3/8th inch differience which will have to be compensated for in the front wall. I may want to put double doors from the right side of the house into the conservatory (the two story addition is on the left side of the house). So.......screach........STOP. I have to wait for the doors and the conservatory to be shipped by HBS. They are having a 20% off all purchases starting tomorrow, so I will order then. Their email is My husband-sweet man-is giving me the conservatory for my birthday and mother's day. I am soooo happy. Well, in two weeks I should have alot to report-even pictures. Kate >^..^<

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