Thursday, June 26, 2008

Purging-Good for the Soul

I am going through all my miniatures and have put the one's I don't want on Ebay. It is very liberating to stop hording and start purging. I have tons of kits-they are going next. I must have 50 kits.

I am working on the "Big" 1/12th scale house. Sometimes it is over whelming. Just when I get one room set up, there is a problem and I have to start all over. From what I've read, that is part of it. I canceled a Bespaq room of furniture-I have sooooo much furniture. I found a room of furniture I already have and can use in the "Big" house, I do not need another bedroom of furniture. I do, however, need a child/baby room of furniture. I have a great idea for the room and can't wait till I get furniture. The pictures are of the "Big" house and the layout of two rooms. The blue room is the music room and the white room is the dining room.

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