Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Adventure

The above pictures are the basic layout of the living room (which is nexted to the stairs on the left), oriental bedroom, music room, and library. I had to get furniture set up for the electrical wiring, which I am doing this week end.
When the wiring (tape) is finished, I am going to put the "Big" house on the base board-which of course needs the trim put on it. After it is put on the board, I can build and attach the two story addition-a kitchen and a bathroom. Then on the right side is going to be a conservatory-that is going to be a bitch to build.
I have a room (in the house I live in) I was going to turn into an elegant dining room. Two of my 4 children are not speaking to me, another lives far away, and only one daughter comes to visit. So, a big, elegant dining room seemed to be a waste-time and money. What we needed was a work room. We thought of building one in the back yard-but that is very expensive. So-ta da-we decided to change the dining room into a work room. We have been cleaning and cleaning-we have already filled up a big garbage can. I am really motivated. I found some really great stuff for my "Big" dollhouse. I found two Department 56 North Pole things to use at Christmas-one is Santa flying in his sled (the scale is not perfect, but it will do) and a hot air balloon. Then I found the most wonderful thing-a large fountain that lights up. I did not check to see if it was batteries or wiring, but I am so excited. On the grounds of the "Big" house I am going to put a chicken house and a garden-if they fit. I was planning on a small fountain and now I have a big one, so space is at a premium. The work room is really coming together. We are having the 4th on Saturday because my daughter has to work. So tomorrow it is back in the work room. We will be putting our current dining table in the work room and buy (yea!!!) a new bigger dining table.
Well, that is my life to now. Happy 4th to everyone-make sure you vote this year.

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