Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finished the Stair Wall Mural Wall

Well, after 18 hours the mural is finished.
There is one problem-the gold oxydated
and turned aqua in places. I am going to wait till the morning to see how bad it is. If it does not get any worse, I think I will keep it. It is an interesting finish. I just wonder if I can duplicate it. To the left of the tree branch is where the door will be. There is a diaginal line going up the middle-it is where the stairs are going to be. On the right, there is a big open space-that is where a side board and mirror is going to be. On the far left, I am going to put small Chinese letters-I have to find them first.
Now, I am going to start wiring the Big house and start putting it together. It has been a year and I am ready to start. My living room is full of boxes full of furniture for the house. It will be great to get it electrified and ready to finish.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Hi, Kate. I would love to see the molds you are making and get a how-to. I pour porcelain and just purchased two of Jackie Caron's molds for platters and plates in hopes I can master china painting on something so tiny--I have tried to learn china painting on larger sizes and am not a quick study at it. Please show your molds. I have a few pieces I'd like to make molds of as well but the process intimidates me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate - nice to see a fellow roomboxer. LOL. Your mural is going to be great and I am going to follow the building of your house. are you going to add the option "to follow this blog"?