Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The pictures are backwards-so we will talk about RIGHT to LEFT.
In the house shell, I roto zipped (badly) two holes to run the electric tape through. I have all the center hall stairwell controlled by one switch. I put the wall switch in and the thing worked-I could not believe it (see middle left, beside door way in left photo). I also put a plug in the bottom electric tape to plug in a lamp-it works also. It will be clearer when I get the mural up on this partition. I wanted to finish the other side of the partition, but I decided against it. The wall paper is white and I was afraid it would get dirty if I worked on it too. I got the bottom row of tape upside down. I will have to correct that in other runs. Tomorrow I am glueing the partition in place, then the next day the two big dollhouse doors and the roof door, next the bump out-then I will set it up right and hopefully finish the inside first floor. It has been a year getting to this point-planning, designing, and getting ideas. I can not tell you how often I have changed something. Once it has been exicuted, that will be it-I do not ever change any thing once it has been done.
Well, see you tomorrow.

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