Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off and Running

As usual I could not go to sleep, so I worked on sorting stuff for my "BIG" doll house. I hope to get the mural attached to the partition and the partition put up in the house tomorrow. I put all the furniture that goes in the living room in the room, so I can see where to paint what on the mural. I am getting ahead of myself. After the partition goes up the floor goes down-then I will make a template of the back wall. I bought these cool lights and I dug one out and plugged it in-looked great. I think I will use those lights through out the doll house. Before I lay the floor, I am going to put a plug in it by the sofa, just in case I want a light. Better safe than sorry. I hope to have the living room finished. Then I can do the dining room next to it. I am so excited-the decorating has started. With the mural fiasco, I think a long time before doing any thing and then when I figure it out I write it down. I wrote for 30 mins. last nite and 15 mins tonight. I certainly don't want to make a big mistake again, if I can help it. Pictures tomorrow.

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