Monday, July 22, 2013

Starting on the Addition

I thought it would take a day to do this addition-NOT !!!!  There were some details left out of the instructions.  So, I was always fixing something.  This is the center board.

 This is the center board glued and squared and taped.

Next is everything glued and taped.

 Fitting the addition to the house-IT FITS !!!

Here I am cutting the doors out of the addition , so we can walk into the dollhouse.!!!!

Bye all,

Kate >^..^<


The grandmommy said...

So far So good!

Kates Cats said...

Yes and no. Everytime I start to work on it again I find some thing I need to fix. Today it was the back and side-they came apart in the upper half. I fixed it. Kind of a mixed blessing.
Thanks you for looking at my blog. I love to share my work !
Kate >^..^<