Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beginning to Wallpaper the Library

First of all, I want to make the naming of the Big House official-it is now Chateau Chanticleer. I would like to thank all my mini friends for the suggestions. I would have NEVER come up with such a great name.
Now to the library-the photo on the left is the wiring. The tape is coming of the main tape on the right wall-and it works-YEA! The photo in the middle is the Spanish paper going up-georgeous. The photo on the right is the Wooten desk in front of the wall paper. The wall paper came from They have new papers under the Museum section that are to die for. I am getting Turia Silk for the baby's room. It is a heavy paper and GREAT to work with-best I've ever used. Hopefully I will put the other two sides up and put up the ceiling paper tomorrow. I am SO excited it is going so well.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

What a great link, a wonderful name and nice progress on your library. Now if I can work up the nerve to go ahead and wire Joanna's dollhouse--may work on that some today!


The Lone Dollier said...

Excellent job! I've got to get started on mine.


Missy said...

Great progress on the library. The Wooten desk is to die for! That's one of my favorite sites for wallpaper, and I just found some that I hadn't seen before that I might just HAVE to order.

Kates Cats said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I try to work on the dollhouse every day, but did not do it today. It is hard to stay motivated-but I push myself. I ordered more wallpaper from Spain for the next room-the baby's room, and material for baby pads, curtains, etc. I hope the ceiling paper goes in right and does not cover the electrical tape. Thanks, Kate