Saturday, March 13, 2010

In a Dither

I am going to start on the dining room in the Chateau. If I make a typing mistake, forgive me, 'cause I'm typing w/o my glasses. After using the wallpaper from Spain, I really don't want to use the thin wallpaper I have-but I have to be practical about this. The paper and the carpet match the furniture exactly.....and I like the soft palette. I bought this adorable chandelier and 2 wall sconce with pink tulip shades to go in the room-I really want to use them. So, after alot of deliberation, I am forging on with what I have. I am going to get some rad moulding-which should help. I am hoping to start on the room later today.
Hi to all my followers and I'm sorry there were no pictures-just thoughts.

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