Thursday, March 11, 2010

Library Basics Finished

I was like a woman possessed tonight-I had to finish the basics of the library. The orange dots (there are three down the center and two across the back) are for hanging lights and the electricity to all of them works-pat on the back. I did not notice they were out of line-it does not look like that in person. The ceiling is more cream. The book cases need to be detailed and filled with books, then glue to the walls-after the front doors are in place (see the hinge on the right) on the dollhouse. I also have to put up molding-later. Next, I am starting on the dining room.

I was going through a box I keep all the lights, wallpaper, accessories, etc in, and to my shock I found two more book cases and a ton of books. I do not think I will have to worry about filling the shelves with books any more. I also found this toile wall paper that is not usable. The design is hugh. I might could cut out some of the scenes and put molding around it. I hate it and don't think I will use it. I have some small print toile some where-I will look tomorrow.

Thanks, Kate

PS: I went and looked at the orange dots and they were out of line-I fixed them. All is well in the Chateau.


Missy said...

You're a fast worker. I love that wallpaper. It's always scary for me to look at the first pictures I take of a new project. The pictures always show something I hadn't noticed before.

Chris P's Miniatures and more said...

it's just beautiful. I love the details. nice ceiling.

The Lone Dollier said...

You are so talented. Want to come to my house and help me with all my dollhouse projects? LOL


Peach Blossom Hill said...

How wonderful to be making such great progress! I may be sending out distress signals week after next when we wire Joanna's house--finally after it has sat unfinished in my basement since she got it for Christmas in 2008 (I am ashamed to say!). And to find shelves and books--how wonderful!


John said...

Chateau Chanticleer is shaping up! Looks great --and I'm happy to have had a part in its naming. --John