Monday, February 28, 2011

Attic Stair Openning

I decided to put an opening for a stair from the third floor to the attic.  To make sure the stair opening was exactly over the floor opening below, I made a template of the third floor (the wall is not up on the third floor) and transposed it to the attic floor.  I will attempt to put up the third floor wall by the stairs tomorrow and I will know if this is all correct.  RGT were great about sending me another stair and railing-it did not cost too much.  I am waiting for a roof piece from RGT in VT. to get the front finished-then I can put the house in a permanent place, hook up the transformers, install lights and molding-----then, ta da, put in the furniture.

To cut the hole I used this tool from Harbor Freight.  It is a oscillating thing that has 5 blades-it was about $30.  The noise was terrible-I had to get ear plugs.  I have seen this tool other places for $100+++.  It is good for dollhouse use.


Gary said...

Nice clean hole, Kate. I think the tool you are describing is a jig saw, one of my favorites for kit bashing.

Kates Cats said...

Hi Gary! I put up the wall last nite, and the hole was cut perfectly. I'm so wonderful-LOL.
No it was not a jig saw. This tool vibrates. It is a new tool they sell on infomercials for hundreds of $$. I got mine at Harbor Freight, on sale, for about $35. Great for dollhouseing.