Thursday, February 17, 2011

Junk, Junk and More Junk

 These are photos of the dollhouse Chateau Chanticlier construction area.  The top photo is a photo of the stuff  on the side front, the middle photo is the front view of all the stuff and the bottom photo is the dollhouse itself.  All this STUFF goes into the doll house-hard to believe.  Hopefully after about two weeks, I will begin furnishing, decorating and putting up the lighting and all the STUFF will be GONE.


Mo said...

Oh my gosh, you've got quite the project going on there!

HepzibethClare said...

Ah - a person after my own heart. The top two photos were taken of a hidden area INSIDE your dollhouse, right?

Kates Cats said...

No, all that mess is in the corner of the family room. I didn't get any thing done to the dh, cause there was a roof piece missing. It
is coming from VT-in a week. I did
get the stair openning cut in the attic floor. For some reason I'm not really upset about all of this.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Kate, sometimes it all seems to get a bit much but doing little bits at a time means that one day we look and are amazed at how it has come together 'suddenly'! And yes, when we see all the 'stuff' that goes into a house it seems an enormous amount but the house swallows it up and ends up looking beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job - I am following your progress with great interest.

John said...


You should see MY work area... actually, no you shouldn't! LOL!